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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Partied Out!!!

Exhausted to say the least. Happy that the two birthday parties are behind me now.
My middle turned 6 last Friday and my baby turned 3 yesterday.
So my idea was to get it all done in one weekend. We had one party on Saturday afternoon and the other party on Sunday afternoon. Here is what I did....

I made lego agent name badges, goggles, and marshmallow shooters for all the boys attending the party. I had them all sorted in gallon ziplock bags to save on time. I got most all these ideas from here.
The goggles were made from 2-liter bottles found at the recycle center. I cleaned them and made my own pattern. Very Very Easy and Almost FREE.
The name tags were made by copying and pasting images from google image keyword, lego minifig head. The name tags made by rootsandwings are much more detailed and very very cute. I did not have the software to create mine as cute. The kids did not seem to mind at all.
The cake was made by using a regular sheet cake and 6 cupcakes cut in half.
So much fun to shoot marshmallows.
Star Wars Party #2
I had clone trooper masks from the party store and found the idea to have Yoda Soda and Wookie Cookies from a website online. Sorry I can't find it to give the credit.

This cake was made with only one regular sheet cake. I baked it and froze it overnight so it would be easier to cut without cumbles and easier to ice. I sliced it into thirds lengthwise and put them end to end. Not profressional but the same goes, kids loved it!!!

The Yoda Soda labels were put on green gatorade.

For this party I made all the kids a light saber. I bought 10 pipe warmers from Lowes, cut them in half and taped them with green and black duct tape from walmart.

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  1. So glad you were able to have an Agents Party for your son. It looks like everybody had a great time. Thanks for the link.

    The Star Wars party looked great too. You have to love duct tape and hardware store items.