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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you say Electric Bill or Mortgage?

Well I missed my first day of blogging already. We recieved a progress energy bill of $633.34 that we were not expecting. The month prior was $289.??. I expected a jump but not a hike up the mountain. First we are having our heat pump serviced and we will go from there. As far as paying the bill....not sure how that is going to work yet. My plan is to eliminate some electricity usage in our home very soon. I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks what I am doing and how or if it is helping.

p.26 from my grandmothers book


I knelt down and deeply studied
The heart of a violet, blue and fair.
I crushed a raindrop, tween my fingers
And whisper'd, "God is there."

April 1940

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