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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

I don't have a before picture, and believe me you wouldn't want to see it if I did!!!
But here is the After!!!

This is part I, I still need to redo the other part of the bathroom that has the sinks and tub in it. I think we will rip out the tub, put in a larger vanity with just one sink, and make a little sitting area. We'll see. We really haven't decided for sure.
This part of the bathroom made a HUGE difference. I spent $50 on the behind the commode storage from Walmart, $10 on the 2 baskets from Michaels, $16 on the shower curtain from Walmart, $5 on the rug from Freds. The paint I got from Lowes, it took less than 1/2 gallon of chocolate brown for the walls, and a smidgen of white for the trim. All in all this was money well spent. I love our new partially done bathroom. Don't hold your breath for part II, because even though this took me one afternoon to complete, it took me almost 3 years to actually start it.


  1. Love this bathroom! It reminds me so much of the bathroom in our old house. We had chocolate walls and white cabinets too. Our shower curtain was also similarly patterend but it was white with teal and brown designs. Did you get that at Bed Bath & Beyond? You did so great!

    1. I did get this from Bed Bath & Beyond. Thanks for commenting. That was a nice surprise, I want to blog more and do more crafts but can't seem to get disciplined enough. I have been enjoying your blog lately. Great inspiration!

  2. Loving the new bathroom...hoping you can stay disciplined enough to do part II!!